Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Simple Knitted Beanie

This knitted beanie is knitted in the round, and uses two different colours of wool to achieve the effect below.    I loosely adapted this pattern from others that I have found around the net, but special mention goes to the Happily Ever After Hat upon which I based the crown shaping for this hat.  I knitted it in acrylic wool, which for anyone who has seen any other of my knitting posts you will know I hate, but unfortunately our local store is pretty woeful in the wool department, so I have a very limited range to choose from.  

Here is a photo of the hat with matching gloves...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Simple Fingerless Gloves

Just finished my first attempt at fingerless gloves!  First time I have knitted in about 10 years, and they turned out awesome :D I've also knitted a set for a friend's birthday, and she loved them :) 

Fingerless gloves!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wedding Triple Choc Cookies!

Since we're not having a professional photographer for our wedding, I decided to give the guests a photo scavenger hunt to get them all taking heaps of photos, and most of all, having fun!  I just made the grand prize for it today, which is a jar of triple chocolate cookies baked in wedding theme colours, in a beautiful glass cookie jar from the two dollar shop, and decorated with ribbon and netting I had left over from making my garter and hairpiece.

Luckily for me we got married at exactly the right time for a limited edition set of M&Ms to be available in exactly the right colours to match our wedding theme!  The theme is black and emerald green, and I was so lucky to stumble across the coconut M&Ms currently available in shops.  I used the green and white ones on the cookies, and saved the brown ones for other things ;)  Those things are seriously yummy though!!  I reckon this recipe would be good with the rice crispy ones too.

Triple Chocolate Wedding Cookies

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Oil Cleansing Method

A couple of weeks ago, I was searching the net in desperation to try to find some kind of magic quick fix that would help me clear up my breakout-prone, reactive face skin by the time my wedding rolled around (next Saturday).  I stumbled across an article about the oil cleansing method, a radical (but logical) face cleaning method which many people seem to swear by, and despite my reservations, was just desperate enough to give it a go.