Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole

For a while now our bathroom door has not been latching closed properly, which is a pain when you need to lock the cats out while you pee!  Today my hubby decided to take the strike plate off to see what the problem was - turns out the wood it was screwed into was well and truly stripped, and from the looks of things we are not the first tenants to attempt to fix it.  Unfortunately a lot of things in our house are like this - which comes from living in government housing where none of the tenants (except us) seem to actually care about the place!
The top screw hole is totally stripped, and the
bottom one is headed that way

Monday, 10 December 2012

Cheesemaking for Beginners!

So I have been making cheese for a couple of months now, and am having quite a bit of success at it!  (I have also had to put up with many Monty Python's Life of Brian cheesemaker jokes by my wonderful husband!! *sigh*)  The best thing about cheesemaking is the satisfaction you get from creating and eating your very own handmade cheese, but another huge benefit is that it pretty much halves the cost of your cheese budget :)  I have found that the amount of cheese I get from a three litre bottle of milk ($3.50ish) I would pay approximately $7-$9 for in the shop.  All it requires is some time, effort and patience, and I can make my very own cheese :)

My first cheese!